Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How has your opinion changed (or why has it stayed the same) over the past 11 weeks regarding Technology Integration?

       Prior to enrolling in this class, I felt that integrating technology into the classroom was essential in order to best prepare our young people for the "real world". Especially in these trying economic times, businesses are looking for ways to become more efficient in order to compete in the global economy. In order to give our students the skills desired by employers, I firmly believe technology integration should be implemented into the classroom. I learned so much more in this class than I had anticipated and this course took my belief in integrating technology into the classroom to a whole new level.Technology integration can provide educators a variety of ways to assess student learning as well as develop activities that require higher order thinking skills. Because most students today have used technology most of their lives, implementing it into the classroom is a way to engage students in their learning. I am very glad that I took this course because I learned so many practical things that I can take into my future career as an educator.

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